Kings of Crypto by Jeff John Roberts

I finished  Kings of Crypto: One Startup's Quest to Take Cryptocurrency Out of Silicon Valley and Onto Wall Street  by Jeff John Roberts. This short book gives a fast paced picture of the crazy Silicon Valley startup culture and how the ups and downs of coinbase in the last 8 years impacted the crypto industry and blockchain in general. Jeff starts from 2012 when Brian Armstrong was walking into YCombinator's Mountain View office to raise fund and ends up with his meeting in Manhattan with Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase. In between came many of the crypto figures that I am very familiar with - Brian Armstrong Fred Ehrsam Ben Reeves Vitalik Buterin Andreas Antonopoulos Charlie Lee Jed McCaleb Balaji Srinivasan As I have been following the crypto industry and rad a lot about blockchain, did trading since mid 2017, I found the second half of the book as a validation of what I knew and the first half of the book with full of new insights. This book is a fun read a

My Tech Talk at Marqeta on Blockchain Fundamentals

One month after joining Marqeta, I gave this Tech Talk on Blockchain to my colleagues.

Served as Panelist in Future of Cryptocurrency Trading - Bitcoin: The Dominant Coin

I was part of this online panel and had great discussions with some very knowledgable people on the blockchain sector.

What is Life? A Bitcoiner's Perspective

Life is an imitation of Bitcoin blockchain. Everyday in your life is like a block in that distributed ledger. The tasks you do, the places you travel, the books you read, the fun or pain you have are like the transactions happening in a block (approximately every 10 minutes). The morals and values of the society, country or religion that you associate with are like the proof of work consensus algorithm honored by nodes participating in the bitcoin network. Once something happens in your life, the day you lived already can never be reverted back just like the transactions in the blocks that are immutable. Just like some faces of your life are visible to everyone as your public wallet address, there are some parts in you that no one can know except yourself similar to the secured cryptographic private key for your wallet. Just like we have many types of people walking on earth - good or bad; male or female; white, brown or black; rich or poor - there are many participants in bitc

Mostafa Tanim's Bengali Book: Bitcoin

I came to know about a bitcoin book in bengali published by Virginia resident Bangladeshi writer Mostafa Tanim. As Bitcoin trading is banned in Bangladesh, I didn't know if someone will take the initiative to write a book on Bitcoin in Bengali. Good job Mr. Mostafa Tanim. You can find the book in amazon in the below link.

Is it the lowest crypto market cap that I will be seeing?


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